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Specialist Health Care 


Provide is who we go to when a child or young person joins us who have health needs which require us to gain specific training on their personal care plan. 

These care needs may be:

 * Gastrointestinal feeding

 * Epilepsy treated by rescue medication

 * Anaphylaxis 

Can my child attend if they have health needs?

Yes! We work very hard to ensure we are as inclusive as possible and the training we do with provide, ensures the staff working with your child are up to date with your child's current health needs and the training they do is solely on your child's care plan to ensure the staff are fully aware of all signs, symptoms  triggers, medication administration, care, reassurance, recording and monitoring required for your child's needs. 

What is the procedure of my child joining club when they have health needs?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

You need to make us aware of your child's needs. 

We will send you a form, which we send to provide which gives consent for them to share the relevant information about your child and their care needs with us. We will also ask for you to send us your child's current care plan in relation to their healthcare needs. 

Once you have sent this information back to us we will send it on to provide and schedule the training. 

We will work with you and provide on a session date and time for a taster session for your child, where we can do the training and include your child in the process if necessary (e.g if the staff are required to do a competency assessment of a gastrointestinal feed). 

We will now be ready for your child to attend club sessions and be prepared and confident in their healthcare needs. (Please note - if your child has rescue medication they will not be permitted to enter sessions without it and it must be in the original packaging with clear labelling)

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