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Butterflies Member

 for 3 years

Age 11

"I love Butterflies, all my besties are here!

And I love pranking the staff,

everybody thinks I am so funny!"

Butterflies Member for 2.5 years

Age 7

"My favourite thing at Butterflies is drama and going to soft play"

Butterflies Member for 5 years

Age 14

"I love cooking at Butterflies and helping activities with the little Caterpillar Club. They're all so cute. Oh and I love going to the caravan! I just love everything!"

Butterflies Member for 4 years

Age 14

"I like basketball and winning at Butterflies. I'm the best! I love dinner at Butterflies most"

Butterflies Member for 4 years

Age 14

C pointed to "Happy" when we asked her how Butterflies makes her feel and pointed to the beach when we asked her her favourite activity at Butterflies.

Butterflies Member for 7 months

Age 7

" I love Butterflies!

Swimming is the best"

Butterflies Member for 2 years

Age 12

" Butterflies is the best! I love going to different places and I really enjoy Belchamps. I love everyone at Butterflies"

Our Butterflies Youth Ambassador

Our wonderful Youth Ambassador Maisie has prepared a video for you all, explaining about her Butterflies journey over the past five years. 

As you can imagine we are very proud to have Maisie as an ambassador for Butterflies and it is a privilege to have been such a big part of her life growing up. .

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